Our Story

Our Story: The Wild Plum Café, Bistro & Bakery

Mission Statement

At The Wild Plum everything is made with love and care. Our passion for food and sharing that passion with others is our reason for being. We strive to bring you the best of what is available as well as the best of ourselves. We love serving you with genuine warmth, enthusiasm and integrity.

~ Pamela Burns: Chef/Proprietess

Pamela’s favorite cuisine is rustic American:

I was raised with people who gardened, farmed and loved to cook. We on the central coast are so blessed to have such a bountiful supply of fresh, organic and locally produced foods and produce. It is a joy to create dishes inspired by our region. My goal for each of my clients, whether an extravagant event or a simple meal is to give them a food experience they will treasure.

Our Story

Wild Plum Café, Bistro & Bakery in Monterey is a vibrant “third place” that offers fresh food and a fresher atmosphere. For 11 year, proprietor Pamela Burns has embraced the concept of from-scratch, organic and sustainable American bistro fare.

In his book The Great Good Place, urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg extolled the virtues of what he called the “third place,” a kind of psychological Eden away from home and away from work; a place in between for a neighborhood to gather, eat, drink and, commune.

Wild Plum Café, Bistro and Bakery in Monterey provides that dependable, convivial place of refuge. Located in Old Monterey within a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, this growing urban bistro draws people from all walks of life in search of fresh, organic, made-with-care food, a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere and an unpretentious “third place” that helps foster community. Meet and make friends, discuss share and nurture relationships new and old.

Proprietor Pamela Burns believes in her community and in her concept of fresh, organic and sustainable American bistro fare. Burns runs a true green business and her attention to detail shows in the final products — organic, locally sourced produce, hormone-free Diestel turkeys roasted on site, grass-fed beef, house-baked bread and pastries.

As a local community we have to be more aware of what we eat and be more careful in choosing. When we honor small farmers and nurture the environment, we embrace the bigger picture. It does make a difference.

Burns proves each day that whether it’s eaten in house, taken to-go, or prepared for special event organic, local and sustainable cuisine just tastes better.

If a farmer makes a commitment to quality, organic or not, and the food is grown with care, you can taste the difference. Of course you can.

Burns shops at local farmers markets, and uses Central Coast vendors such as Monterey Produce for vegetables, Happy Boy for greens, Vasquez Farms for berries, and Pinnacle Organics for Yukon gold potatoes.

The community at large has embraced this cozy bistro just off Historic Downton Monterey’s the well worn tourist path. From 7 a.m. when Burns and her staff first load the pastry case with warm treats, to early evening when the smell of roasted meats and simmering soups fill the room, Wild Plum attracts an eclectic clientele. Students from Monterey Institute of International Studies and Monterey Peninsula College, soldiers from the Presidio, entrenched Monterey natives who recall fondly the old days, and young families with children all look to Wild Plum for fresh food and fresher ideas.